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Comprehensive utilization of waste slag

In order to implement the green development concept and reduce environmental pollution caused by mining and manganese product processing, the Company is committed to researching on comprehensive utilization of mining waste resources. For example, the Company uses tailings or slag as raw materials for further processing and reuse.

Based on the coordinated development of resources, economy and environment as precondition, the Company establishes a scientific concept of development and promotes the mine loop economy. With the advancement of science and technology, the Company continuously improves the utilization efficiency of resources and the environment, through comprehensive utilization of tailings and by various ways of emission reduction. Eventually, the Company aims at achieving healthy and sustainable development of resources, economy and environment.

The Company is currently actively researching and developing the following projects:
  • Wastewater treatment and recycling

    The industrial wastewater produced by the Company mainly contains excessive manganese and ammonia nitrogen. Waste water, after processing to recollect manganese, ammonia nitrogen and other useful elements, meets the standard for discharge or is recycled in production.

  • Anodic slag recycling program

    There are two main types of industrial slag produced by the Company. One is EMD manganese slag and the other one is EMM manganese slag. The main difference between theses two is that the former one does not contain ammonia nitrogen. Over the years, the Company, well-known domestic universities and research institutes have worked together to conduct in-depth research program on the harmless comprehensive utilization of these two kinds of slags, with remarkable results. Some of these have entered into the next stages of pilot test and expanded test verification.

  • New type of building materials

    After harmless treatment, manganese slag is turned into various new type of building materials.

  • University research cooperation

    The Company actively establishes strategic partnerships with many domestic universities to jointly develop a number of comprehensive utilization and environmental protection programs such as manganese slag water recycling program and sulfurized slag cobalt nickel recycling program.