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Supply chain service

The Company is actively expanding the supply chain services business designed for domestic enterprises in the manganese industry.

Supply chain services business mainly includes international and domestic trader of manganese ore, silicon manganese alloy trade, sales services, production management and technical services.

For business cooperation, please contact:sales@szlhcl.cn.

  • International and domestic trade

    Mainly international and domestic trade of commodities such as manganese ore and silicon manganese alloy.

    Relying on Hong Kong’s good financing and trading platform, based in Qinzhou port, the Company has made good progress in actively carrying out manganese ore international and domestic trade business.

  • Production management

    With years of industrial management experience and rich specialized knowledge in the industry, the Company has sufficient capacity to operate and manage both domestic and foreign EMM and silicon manganese alloy production enterprises through hosting, contracting or leasing.

  • Technical Services

    Provides clients with one-stop services for design, construction and operation;

    Provides factory management technology solutions and technical consulting services.