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EMM and silicon manganese alloy

EMM and silicon manganese alloy is a major sector of the Company's manganese downstream processing businesses.

Products include EMM, manganese briquette and silicon manganese alloy.

Besides the investments in plants in Guangxi Autonomous Region and Guizhou Province, the Company is actively pursuing the “Light Assets Development Plan”, which rides on our advantages in technology, management and market to rapidly increase the production capacity of the Company's EMM and silicon manganese alloy through cooperative production.

  • Electrolytic manganese metal (EMM)

    Electrolytic manganese metal (EMM) with wide application is used in steel, alloy, chemical industry, etc.

    Products include EMM flakes and EMM powder; with manganese content above 99.7%.

    Annual production capacity of EMM around 200,000 tons.

  • Manganese briquette

    Manganese briquette is mainly used in smelting of high quality steel, special steel and high grade manganese alloy. It is a deep-processing product of EMM flakes. Its appearance is silver-grey ellipsoidal block solids, and the manganese content of type EMB-1 product is above 97.0%.

    Annual production capacity of Manganese Briquette around 55,000 tons.

  • Silicon manganese alloy

    Silicon manganese alloy is the main raw material for production of steel, and can also be used as a semi-finished product for refining low to medium carbon ferromanganese.

    Annual production capacity of silicon manganese alloy around 250,000 tons.

    Actively participate in building Dushan project. After completion, its annual production capacity of silicon manganese alloy around 500,000 tons.